Powerful Features for Enhanced Email Deliverability

Our comprehensive toolkit includes advanced algorithms, real-time analytics, and meticulous monitoring, all working seamlessly to ensure your emails land directly in the inbox, every time. Say goodbye to the frustration of spam folders and missed opportunities as our innovative solutions elevate your email marketing strategy to new heights.

Event Driven

Our system actively logs and responds to email events, ensuring proactive management of your email campaigns. You don’t need to worry about problematic sending, too much volume problems or such.


Adhering to strict privacy standards, we minimize data retention, excluding necessary analytics and bounce information, which is purged monthly for security.

Built on Cloud

To provide you rock stable services, we’ve built our platform on top of Google Cloud.

Compatibility (Apollo, Outreach)

You can use our platform with any tool that supports custom IMAP and SMTP. Included but not limited to Apollo, Outreach, Instantly, Smartlead, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.


Domain and IP warm-up procedures are handled by us, ensuring your email infrastructure is primed for optimal delivery.

Battle Tested

With years of development and refinement, our platform has been rigorously tested across ~500 companies, continually evolving for perfection.


Easy to onboard.

For most instances, our initial onboarding process took no more than 30 minutes over a screen share.

Intelligent Routing

Our proprietary algorithms ensure that emails are dispatched via the most efficient pathways, significantly boosting delivery success rates.

Automatic Learning

Egressif dynamically adapts to user behavior, identifying and preventing unnecessary emails from messing with your metrics and going out and clogging ESPs.

Data Driven

Leveraging the vast data from our client ecosystem, we proactively identify and solve emerging email delivery challenges.

Lenient Servers

Designed to be adaptive, our servers learn from incoming traffic, ensuring essential emails are prioritized, offering a unique approach to email filtering and acceptance.


With our cloud-based and customizable infrastructure, scaling your email volume is seamless, ensuring reliability regardless of volume.

Reputation Upkeep

We meticulously monitor and take corrective measures for all facets of your email's journey, from IP and domain reputation to interactions with email service providers.

Managed deliverability

Our platform automates the mundane yet crucial tasks of deliverability, freeing our specialists to concentrate on strategic improvements and proactive measures.

Mail Analytics

Detailed insights are provided for each domain, including delivery rates, volume metrics, spam detection, and warm-up statistics…

Unlock the Power of Email Deliverability with Us